City of Women

Дата: 01. 10. 2019 - 13. 10. 2019
Место: Ljubljana
Тип: Фестивали, События в области культуры
Примечание: <p>For more information visit the <a href="http://www.cityofwomen.org/" target="_blank">City of Women website</a>.</p>

The City of Women, which has been enriching the cultural scene of Ljubljana for more than two decades, is characterised by its attitude towards experimentation and crossing genre boundaries, as well as by social criticism, mostly based on the principles of feminism.

The programme features a variety of events, from concerts by world-famous musicians to art exhibitions, installations, theatre and dance shows and performances, which often break taboos and challenge the established definitions of gender and gender identities.

The authors of all the festival concepts and ideas are women. Every year, between 40 and 60 artists and theorists from all around the world participate in the event. The festival takes place in both established cultural institutions and alternative venues in Ljubljana.

City of Women

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