This Merry Day of Culture in Lipica

Дата: 03. 12. 2021
Место: Lipica, Lipica
Тип: События в области культуры, Развлекательные мероприятия, Мероприятия для детей
Контакты: Holding Kobilarna Lipica, +386 5 739 16 96, info@lipica.org
Более подробная информация: https://www.visitkras.info/nacrtuj-obisk/dogodki/ta-veseli-dan-kulture-v-lipici

With an invitation to visit the Lipica estate, admire its warm autumn colours, and a stroll through the most beautiful historical avenues free of charge, Lipica Stud Farm joins the initiative of Slovenian cultural institutions This Merry Day of Culture, when you will be able to take part in the free guided tours. They will take you through the estate with more than 300 white Lipizzan horses, all the way to the historic center and Lipikum Museum. End the day with a culinary treat at Maestoso.

This Merry Day of Culture in Lipica

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