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Дата: 27. 11. 2020 - 28. 12. 2020
Место: Maribor
Тип: Фольклорные события, Другие мероприятия
Организатор: Vetrinje Mansion
Более подробная информация: https://www.visitmaribor.si/si/kaj-poceti/dogodki-in-prireditve/vsi-dogodki-in-prireditve/7944-vilinsko-mesto

A festival of light, socializing, and creating

This year, for the seventh time, a new city will be built inside Maribor’s city centre; a city made of good will and imagination, where everyone is welcome, and nothing is impossible! A place of joy, socializing, creativity, and imagination - A Fairy City!

You are invited to a festival of shining people and moments within the city streets, courtyards and squares. From concerts and puppet shows to creative workshops and street theatre.

Fairy City

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