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Smrekova draga at Predmeja

Predmeja, 5270 Ajdovščina
Smrekova Draga is one of the largest hollows of the Trnovo Forest (Trnovski gozd). It is famous as a characteristic school example of a cold hollow with temperature and vegetation inversion and botanical experts from near and far are familiar with it. Due to the subsiding of cold aerial masses to the bottom of the closed valleys (hollows) the temperature rises with height - just the opposite as in the mountains. The result of this interesting occurrence is also a reverse order of vegetation zones, which at Smrekova draga can be seen very well from the road. Smrekova draga, together with Golaki which is the highest massif of the Trnovo Plateau (Trnovska planota), was declared a natural reserve, therefore, while visiting Golaki we have to follow marked mountain trails. However, a visit to Smrekova draga is not welcome and is even dangerous unless accompanied by a guide and, therefore, the best way to see it is from the top where the forest road leads.

GPS Northing (N) : 45,9912 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,8644 
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