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Mokrice, Mokrice Castle

Rajec 4, Brežice, 8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem
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Mokrice Castle stands on slightly elevated ground on the hillsides of Gorjanci where they descend into the valley of the Sava close to the border with Croatia near the town of Jesenice. The castle was first mentioned in 1444. The nucleus of the castle was a medieval tower-like court. In the 16th century it was thoroughly rebuilt and extended with four different peripheral wings. These surround the inner arcaded courtyard, which has an irregularly shaped floor plan. The entirety is outwardly protected with four protruding Renaissance towers.  In the yard a stone well with a crown made of cast iron and the statues of the Four Seasons, which have been taken from the park, is preserved. On the grassy edge alongside the castle stands the chapel, which is decorated by stucco work in its interior. The castle was remade in1941. After the war it was made into a hotel.

The beginnings of the design of the castle garden belong to the period of late Baroque in the 18th century: a symmetrically regular axial scheme was arranged south of the castle.  The Baroque stone statues of the Four Seasons, Baroquicised Castle Chapel of St. Anne and the gate portal in the axis of the park have been preserved. In the beginning of the 19th century the garden was redone in English landscape style. A central grassy lawn and a pond with an island were created, numerous walking and riding paths were arranged, and a larger number of trees were planted. Further arrangement of the park was aimed at perfecting the collection of trees, and so even today there are 60 different varieties of trees and shrubbery in the park. In front of the entrance to the castle there is a Roman milliary column set on a special piece of land.

In the 20th century the park was poorly maintained, and the open areas started to become overgrown by the forest.  In 1988 the whole object was additionally assaulted by the arrangement of a golf course. Only some quality remains of the arrangement of the castle garden have been preserved. The castle yard is freely accessible by the preserved stone bridge and a part of the drawbridge. It is possible to see different well crowns as well as the antique tombstones built into the frontage. Inside the castle there are some restaurant areas available to the public, while other areas still serve as a hotel.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,8586 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,676 


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