Slovenian Tourism in Numbers

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archive [ 01/01/2004 - 01/01/2005 ]
Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2004
1. Number of overnight stays by domestic and foreign tourists
2. Structure of tourists in Slovenia in 2004
3. Age groups of tourists in health resorts by the country of residence
4. The main activities of foreign tourists during their visit to Ljubljana as the capital city of Slovenia
5. The main sources of information which influenced the decision to take a holiday in Slovenia
6. Tourist overnight stays according to types of places
7. Travel arrangements through the internet
8. Frequency of visits to the portal (May and December 2004)
9. The most frequently visited categories on according to language
10. Number of pages visited monthly on during 2003 and 2004 and the number of visitors in 2004
11. Image of Slovenia as a tourist destination among the residents of Austria, Italy and Germany
12. Tourism inflow and outflow for the last ten years
13. Number of tourist overnight stays according to the category of hotels
14. Number of overnight stays of foreign tourists from the key markets according to the category of hotels
15. The top fifteen most visited tourist attractions in 2004
16. Number of visits, by country of origin, to tourist information centres (TIC) in summer 2003
17. Overnight occupation in hotels, camps and apartments for each month
18. The top five and last five countries according to the rise in number of tourist overnight stays in Slovenia
19. Analysis of tourist destinations in Slovenia





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