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Ormož Park

Muzej Ormož, Kolodvorska 9 2270 Ormož
++386 2 741 72 90, ++386 31 433 212
Ormož Castle is surrounded by one of the most beautiful parks in Slovenia. Many diverse kinds of trees grow there, among which also some are exotic ones. At the former Ograd in the vicinity of the castle by the entrance, a so-called living fossil – a ginkgo, which is considered to be the oldest tree in the world, awaits us. In China, the fossils of that tree from the Mesozoic period were found. From China it was taken to Korea, where it was worshipped as a holy temple tree.  In the autumn time the female plant has yellow fruits with an unpleasant smell. The tree needs approximately 30 years to grow 10 metres.
A little farther one can see 'maklura', whose fruits are similar to oranges. Due to an unsuitable climate in our country, they do not ripen and thus fall off green. The tree originates from North America and grows as a bush or small tree. The mightiest trees in the park are large ashes which are quite numerous. We can also see some oaks among which a giant oak is a special attraction. Also the avenue planted with linden trees is worth attention as it used to serve as a riding path for the castle lords. When we get past the children’s play area which is located in the park, on the left side first, the catalpa greets us which has subsided and grows horizontally. On the part where the lower part of the trunk is, grows the oak. The catalpa is a frequently planted tree and it belongs among the most decorative trees, mainly due to its beautiful flowers. The characteristic of that tree is that the wrinkled leaves have a very unpleasant smell. From the blossoms develop long, thin cylindrical pods which can be even up to half a metre long and contain numerous seeds.
An attraction of the park is also the maple-leaf plane tree whose point of distinction is the spotty bark that continuously falls off in patches. It is considered to be a tree which is very resistant against wind and storms. Its leaves are similar to maple leaves; however, its fruits – ball head capituli– hang on small stems.
A little further, there is the gillyflower. Its blossoms are golden yellow in raceme co-blossoms; they blossom towards the end of spring. The fruits are hairy, hanging pods with black seeds which are very poisonous especially when not ripe, otherwise the whole plant is poisonous. Only a few steps further grows another peculiarity among the trees of Ormož Park – the tulip tree, which originates from the USA. It blooms in the summer, its blossoms are yellow greenish and appear only when the plant is at least 15 years old. Its fruit is the cone.
Also a tomb, constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, stands in the middle of the Ormož Park. In it the last owners of the Ormož Castle from the Wurmbrand-Stuppach, Pongratz and Georgevits families are buried.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,4063 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1523 
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Administrator : Javna razvojna agencija občine Ormož - TIC Ormož | ++386 2 741 53 56 |
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