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Koča na Dobrči mountain hut

Balos 4 4290 Tržič
++386 41 848 718, 051 213 980, ++386 41 913 425

Mountain hur keeper : Milan Jančič 
Altitude : 1487 m

Open for guests

The mountain hut is open non-stop from 15th June until 15th September, otherwise on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
No. of beds : 18 

Activities in the area
hang-gliding, paragliding, bicycling, hiking 


Seating inside : 40 

Food offer
home-made slovene dishes 

breakfast room 

Additional offers
organized excursions 

in the mountains 

The hut is located above the edge of the steep south slope of Dobrča on the place called Kres, where people used to burn bonfires at the times of Turkish invasions.
In the restaurant area there are 40 seats; there are 6 rooms with 22 beds; toilet and a washing room with cold water; the restaurant area is heated by a stove; rainwater, electricity (sun cells, generator), radio connection.
The view
From the hut there is a marvellous view on all sides, except towards the north. Toward the east one can first see Kriška gora and Storžič, and behind them lie the peaks of the Kamnik Alps; on the southeast rise the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) and in front is the vast Ljubljana basin (Ljubljanska kotlina), behind which spread Inner Carniola Hills (notranjsko hribovje) to Snežnik and Javorniki; on the south at the foot of Dobrča there is the Podgora plateau between Tržič and Begunje with beautiful villages and behind it spreads the Carniola Plain (gorenjska ravnina) from Šmarna gora to Jeseniece with Kranj, Radovljica, Bledo and other paces; Carniola Plain is surrounded by the Pohov Gradec Hills (Polhograjsko hribovje), the Škofja Loka Hills (Škofjeloško pogorje), Jelovica and Pokljuka; in the direction towards the south one can see Lubnik, Blegoš, Porezen and Ratitovec; on the west behind Jelovica and Pokljuka opens a wide panorama of the Julian Alps with Triglav; the view towards the north is hidden by the summit of Dobrča; if one climbs to the top there is a nice view on Karavanke with Begunjščica and Stol, on the valley towards Ljubelj and on Košuta.
Access Car:
the forest road from Brezje pri Tržiču to the alpine pasture Bistriška planina 3km, from where it takes 1h30 to the hut; from Zadnja vas by the local asphalt podgorska cesta Tržič-Begunje na Gorenjskem along the forest road to Hibje 4km, from where it takes 1h15to the hut, or from Hibje continuing along the forest road to the turning stop 4km, from where it takes 30 minutes to the hut; from Slatna by the local asphalt road podgorska cesta Tržič-Begunje na Gorenjskem 2h30. The BS Tržič, Begunje na Gorenjskem: from Tržič along the SPP (Slovenian Alpine Trail) 3h; from Tržič along the road through the village Brezje to the end of the village Hudi graben, from there along the forest trail across Hibje, 3h30; from Tržič (settlement Ravne) across the alpine pastures Bistriška, Breška and Lešanska planina 3h; from Begunje along the road podgorska cesta to Slatna and along the marked trail 3h.
Interesting tours
Vrh Dobrča (1643 m) 30 minutes; Begunjščica-Veliki vrh (2060 m) across Preval (1311 m) 4h.
Access to other mountain huts
Roblekov dom na Begunjščici mountain hut (1657m) across Preval and along the south slope of Begunjščica 3h30.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3624 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,3074 
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Administrator : Turistično info. in prom. center občine Tržič | ++386 4 597 15 36 |
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