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Apitourism increasingly popular in Slovenia

In terms of temperatures the winter was kind in Slovenia this year. Slovenian beekeepers, who are preparing for the start of the beekeeping season, are pleased with that. Their little ones have got through the winter unscathed. Soon they will start to collect nectar and contribute to the well-being of apitourists discovering the beneficial effects of Carniolan grey, an indigenous Slovenian bee species, and quality Slovenian honey. Beekeeping has a hundred-year-old tradition in Slovenia. Did you know that the father of modern apitourism, Dr. Filip Terc, came from Slovenia? In Maribor, where he lived and worked, ApiRoutes running all across Slovenia have been created. Check Api Excursions, Api Experiences and Api Well-Being!

If bees could talk, they would say that it is important how you travel and what you experience, not just where you are headed. Honey-themed visits to Slovenia can be made for professional purposes or pleasure. Must-sees are the Beekeeping Centre in Brdo pri Lukovici and the Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica, a town that built its identity around the hundred-year-old tradition of beekeeping. Apitourists following honey routes through Slovenia learn about what is happening in the queen breeding centre from up close and indulge in apitherapy in a traditional Slovenian bee house. They can attend personalised workshops and training courses in beekeeping, wax candle or honey-cake making. The pleasurable side of apitourism offers different experiences. Slovenian beekeepers were the first in the world to make sparkling mead. Slovenian honey beer also goes down easily. However, apitourists can expect to receive the ultimate pampering in specialised spas that offer honey massages and treatments. In Slovenia, the only EU country to have protected its native bee, people have a high regard for homemade honey. The same goes for honey gifts that can be purchased along the apiroutes.

The beneficial effects of spending time with the bees have been known for a long time. Just look at the beekeepers and their enviable longevity. All of them are masters of concentration and calmness, while the constant exposure to the scents from the beehives strengthens their organisms. The beginnings of beekeeping in the Slovenian lands date back several centuries when the ancestors of today’s beekeepers were the first to think about the methods of honey production, some of which have been preserved to this day. The history of beekeeping is also the history of the Slovenian nation. The Slovenian cultural heritage can namely be found painted on beehive panels adorning the idyllic, colourful bee houses since the 18th century. The Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica houses over 600 originally painted beehive panels!

Beekeeping, just like the bees, never comes to a halt. In the poetry of Slovenian agriculture, as we like to call it, new specialised stores and beekeepers, united in the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association with almost 10,000 members, are emerging every year. Slovenian beekeepers, who have always been as busy as their bees, retained their optimism due to their increasing integration into tourism. Since the international beekeepers’ congress hosted by Slovenia in 2003 the interest in apitourism has rapidly been growing.

We invite you to the country of the world’s best beekeepers where bees co-create sustainable tourism and contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and Slovenian biodiversity – one of the richest biodiversities in Europe. Our beekeepers can help you make more out of your trip. Listen to the relaxing buzz of the bees, which has been proven to have a positive effect on a person’s state of mind.



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