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100% Natural Library under the Slovenian Treetops

Are you interested in a different kind of a summer adventure beneath the treetops? Until the end of September, the visitors of Slovenia are able to enjoy free open-air reading islands and libraries under the treetops in many Slovenian towns. The only risk is that your gaze may wonder across the leaves and towards the green meadows and trees.

The library under the treetops is the only 100% natural library in the world with numerous locations across Slovenia, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It is an innovative green project which contributes some dynamics to the summertime city rhythm and offers its visitors outdoor reading of free books, comics, magazines and news papers in various languages. Combining reading and pleasure is becoming increasingly popular in Slovenia and also contributes to spreading the reading culture. Here you can watch the video of the rhythm of the Library under the Treetops.

In Ljubljana there are eight reading islands under the treetops: the Tivoli Park, the Trnovo Embankment, the Ljubljana Castle, the Roman Wall Park, the Zvezda Park, the Mala Ulica Family Centre, the Tobačna 001 and Vič kindergarten. Along with the Slovenian capital, 7 other towns are included in the project and reading pleasures are also accompanied by many events.

Summer is the perfect time for lying in the grass and enjoying a good book. Reading a good book can make your green Slovenia experience even more pleasurable. And enjoying a book outdoors can make the pleasure even greater. Especially in the shade beneath the tree tops. In Slovenia there are plenty of shadowed retreats in the summer, since nearly 60% of the country`s territory is covered by forests, which makes Slovenia the third most forest-rich country in Europe.



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