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Invitation to Slovenia has spread across the web

At the end of January, a post with images of idyllic Slovenia was published on the popular social network called Imgur. The attractive photo album entitled "So you want to Slovenia?" quickly spread around the web, racking up over 50 thousand views by users from all around the globe within five days.

The post featuring beautiful photographs, an excellent introduction to the country and useful tips for visiting was created by an author who is not Slovenian by birth, but has been living in Slovenia for a number of years now and is a great ambassador of this country where you can feast your eyes on the Alps and the Adriatic at the same time.

The well-prepared presentation entitled "So you want to Slovenia?" is a new step in the promotion of Slovenia, the only European country to combine the Mediterranean, Alpine and Karst worlds with the vast Pannonian Plain. It is the home of green forests, emerald rivers, picturesque cities, fertile vineyards and a hundred-year-old tradition.



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