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That which is made with love, effort and knowledge has a greater possibility to succeed. However, this is not possible without natural resources. Slovenian wines combine all of the above. Namely, the conditions for the growth and development of the vine are excellent in several parts of Slovenia. With regard to the climate, soil structure and relief, wine experts consider some Slovenian wine-growing areas to be the best in the world. Natural conditions for winemaking are good; however, this is only the first part of the 'magic' from which wine is produced. Naturally, several Slovenian winemakers also excel in this area.

80 to 100 million litres of wine are produced annually in Slovenia, which is, according to the amount of produced wine at the global level, an inconsiderable number. However, on a global scale, Slovenian wines are quite important, special and known for their quality and taste. Almost 70% of Slovenian wines fulfil the criteria for quality and premium wines, which is definitely a result of a highly-developed wine culture and demanding wine lovers.

Wine varieties

More than 50 types of vine thrive in Slovenian wine-growing regions; therefore, the offer of wines is very diverse. ...more

Wine-growing regions and districts

Three Slovenian wine-growing regions will surprise even the best wine connoisseurs with their offer. ...more

Wine cellar

In suitably cool wine cellars, and under the careful supervision of Slovenian winemakers, some of the best wines ...more

The history of wine-making

From the Celts, Romans and monks, to top-level wine-makers. In Slovenia, wine has been made for over 2400 years. ...more

Grape Harvesting

Grape harvesting is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking and a festive activity in Slovenia ...more

Time for the new wine

Would you care for a glass of the noble drink, made with passion and tradition in vineyard cottages and stored in ...more
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