Road cycling

All over Slovenia you can find roads that are very suitable for cycling. For the most part these are side roads, which are slightly narrower but at the same time less busy. On them you can enjoy the green countryside in peace. You can choose between roads running mainly through valleys, for a less demanding road tour, or mountain roads that are only suitable for the most persevering road cyclists. And of course there are also combinations of tours that include flat sections, steep climbs and descents. In some parts of Slovenia there are asphalt roads reserved exclusively for cyclists. Cycling on these is safer still.

When planning your cycling trip, you can choose among the following:

- Nearly 50 protected landscape areas and regional parks, plus one national park
- Areas around natural health resorts and thermal spas
- Hilly areas of the Slovenian countryside – roads in the wine districts are particularly suitable for cyclists
- Small towns and well-kept villages
- Cycle paths outside towns, frequently circular

Set off on a cycling trip either on your own or accompanied by a cycling guide.

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