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Bled - Ribno

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Bureau d'informations touristiques
TIC pri Turističnem društvu Bled
Cesta svobde 10, SI - 4260 Bled
++386 4 574 11 22
Nombre d'habitants
475 m
in the countryside
in the mountains
Climat bénéfique pour la santé
Température moyenne en été: 15 °C
Température moyenne en hiver: -3 °C
Includes Ribno, Koritno, Bodešče and Selo - villages of peace, quiet and tranquillity. The central vilage is RIBNO - a tightly knit village with the parish Church of St. Jacob. Hotel Ribno is situated on its south edge, with a beautiful view of the Sava Bohinjka river. Not far away, but lower and closer to the Sava, is a small natural lake. Strollers can also cross the bridge over the Sava to the Talež hunters cabin, where a stunning view of the Radovljica fields, Bled and the Karavanke can be experienced. BODEŠČE is known, above all, for its Gothic church of St. Lenart dating from the middle of the 15th century, which was built on the so-called Bodešče furnaces. Climbers can test their skills on a vertical wall near the Sava Bohinjka. KORITNO, is a small, long village which lies on the edge of a terrace, above the Sava and is closest to Bled - only 1.5 km away. Tourists can visit the Šobec Camp, the best arranged camp in the Slovenian interior. SELO, west of Ribno, is above all known for farm tourism.  

En voiture : From Bled you can reach Ribno on three roads. One comes from direction Koritno, second direction Ribno and third direction Selo. It is also reachable from Radovljica. After crossing the bridge on Lancovo turn right and continue for 5km. 
Par train : There are no train connections for this village. 
En autobus : No buses go there. 
Sans voiture : Cycling from Bled to Ribno is very pleasant. About 2-3km. You can also cycle there from Radovljica. About 5km. Few hiking trails lead to Ribno from Bled. Get a map in Tourist information office. 

Bureau de poste : Pošta Slovenije, Poslovna enota Bled 
Ljubljanska 10, SI - 4260 Bled 
++386 4 575 02 00 
Arrêt d'autobus : Avtobusna postaja Bled 
Cesta svobode 4, SI - 4260 Bled 
++386 4 574 11 14 
Gare ferroviaire : železniška postaja Lesce - Bled 
železniška ulica 12, SI - 4248 Lesce 
++386 4 531 83 84 
Location de voitures : Budget, Rent a Car Slovenije 
Ljubljanska 4, SI - 4260 Bled 
++386 4 576 64 00 
Association touristique : Turistično društvo Ribno 
Izletniška 1, SL - 4260 Bled (Ribno) 
041 737 146 (mobil) 
Police : Policijska postaja Bled 
Seliška cesta 1, SI - 4260 Bled 
+386 4 574 11 85 
Centre médical : Zdravstveni dom Bled 
Mladinske cesta 1, SI - 4260 Bled 
+386 4 575 40 00 
Dentiste : Zdravstveni dom Bled 
Mladinske cesta 1, SI - 4260 Bled 
+386 4 575 40 00 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3504 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1221 
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Personne responsable : Bled - Turizem Bled - LTO | ++386 4 578 05 00 |
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