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Logarska dolina Landscape Park

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Centro de información turística:Center Rinka
Solčava 29
++386 3 839 07 10

Centro de información turística 1:TIC Logarska dolina
Logarska Dolina 9
++386 3 838 90 04
Número de habitantes
730 m
Altura sobre nivel del mar
Logarska dolina is one of Europe’s most beautiful glacial alpine valleys. A tranquil walk in the valley and the surrounding area reminds us of the centuries-old harmony here between men and nature. The Logar valley is an excellent starting point for hiking to the peaks of the Kamnik - Savinja Alps or in the interesting immediate area.
The Logar valley lies nestled deep in the heart of the Kamnik - Savinja Alps, and due to its location is an ideal starting point for numerous excursions into the mountains. The foundations of the picturesque Alpine valley one can enjoy today were in fact laid down during the last Ice Age when a huge glacier abraded a 7-km long, 250-m wide U shaped basin. Today this trough-like valley lies enshrouded by the lofty peaks of Krofička, Ojstrica, Lučka Baba, Planjava, Brana, Turska Gora and Rinke, all of which rise above 2,000 metres. The valley is divided into three parts: the lower tract is called Log, the central one Plest, whilst the upper part is known as Kot. Log and Plest are covered by meadows, whilst Kot is partially forested. The attraction of the Logar valley to the nature lover lies in its abundant natural sights coupled with an almost pristine environment.
A characteristic mark is also imparted by the farmsteads which have over the centuries aided in contriving a cultural landscape fashioned by the hand of man. The result? - Complete harmony of man and nature, a characteristic seldom found in this day and age. Because of all this the Logar valley was made a regional park, the future image of which rests on the successful development of quality tourism in symbiosis with nature.

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Organización turística local : Center RINKA 
Solčava 29 
++386 3 839 07 10 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4007 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,6312 

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