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TIC Nova Gorica
Bevkov trg 4, 5000 Nova Gorica
+386 5 330 46 00
in the countryside
Traces of the oldest human settlements in this region were found in Gradišče above Vitovlje. The village was first mentioned in the Land register of the Gorizia counts around the year 1200 and later, in 1361, with the mentioning of the Church of the Assumption. The old centre of the village is located below the Church of the Virgin Mary and extends itself towards the major regional road.
On the slope above Vitovlje there are fascinating clusters of chestnut trees growing on the naturally acid grounds. In this area the wine-growing and wine production, as well as other permanent and temporary farm activities (tourist farms, osmice (wine cellar opened to sell the wine of the previous year, horse breeding) are well-developed.
The social life of Vitovlje has always been intense and every year the local people organize the Chestnut Feast and celebrate the Midsummer’s Day with a bonfire.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,9289 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7764 

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