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beside a lake
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Durchschnittstemperatur im Sommer: 28 °C
Durchschnittstemperatur im Winter: 0 °C
Medvode is a town and the centre of the municipality of Medvode. The town is situated at the point where the river Sora flows into the river Sava, hence its name, which literally means "between the waters". The main road connecting the Gorenjska region and Ljubljana runs through the town. Scheduled daily bus services link Medvode to Kranj and Ljubljana and the town is also on the route of the number 25 bus operated by Ljubljana Public Transport. Medvode is approximately 242 kilometres from Venice, 450 kilometres from Vienna and 152 kilometres from Zagreb. The municipality has a population of 14,300 divided among 31 settlements over an area of 78.5 square kilometres. At the southern edge of Medvode a local road branches off past Goričane Manor and the famous church of St Andrew in Gosteče in the direction of Škofja Loka. The territory of the present-day settlement has been inhabited since prehistoric times, a fact demonstrated by the find of a bronze axe during the construction of the hydroelectric plant on the river Sava at Medvode, the traces of a Roman settlement in Rakovnik and by gold coins in Ladja – proof that the area was crossed by important routes linking the Primorska (Littoral) and Koroška (Carinthia) regions with the Gorenjska (Upper Carniola) region. Today the municipality has a health centre, four full primary schools and two branch schools, a nursery school, a private educational institution, a L'Arche community where people with developmental disabilities live together with those who assist them, an old people's home, a library, a post office, a bank, local television station, five parishes, several cultural centres, sports halls and playing fields. The municipality of Medvode is not only attractive because of its diverse history, its interesting location and the prominent figures born here, it is also becoming one of the most attractive points of contact for tourism, in particular for the inhabitants of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. For this reason there is no doubt that Medvode is the GREEN GATEWAY TO THE CAPITAL. 

Berühmte Bürger : Jakob Aljaž Franc Roznam Stane Lili Novy Irena Avbelj  

Bus : LPP ( number of the bus is 25) 
Flugzeug : Medvode are only 12 km from the airport Ljubljana ( Brnik). 

Lokale Tourismuszentrale : Tourist Board Medvode 
Cesta komandanta Staneta 12, Medvode 
++386 1 361 43 46 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,1377 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,4145 

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Administrator : Občina Medvode, TIC Medvode | ++386 1 361 43 46 | |
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