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Hrastje Mota

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Tourist Information Center
Public institution Radenci Association for Tourism and Sport
Radgonska cesta 10, 9252 Radenci
++386 2 565 18 48

Tourist office Radenci
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci
++386 2 565 18 89
196 m
Height above sea level
beside a river
in the countryside
Healthy climate
Hrastje-Mota (Pomurska Ravan, Radenci), 196 metres, population 407. Hrastje-Mota today: Hrastje-Mota is a settlement with two nuclei in the southern part of the Radenci Plain, lying along the main Radenci-Ljutomer road. It originally consisted of two separate settlements, Hrastje in the south-east and Mota in the north-west. These two settlements merged to form a single settlement in 1953. A hamlet, Trata, lies to the south of Hrastje. In the east the fields give way to meadows, with floodplain forest by the river Mura. In recent times an increasing number of "suburban" houses have been appearing among the older farms. The settlements began to be known by their double-barrelled name in 1890 when a railway station serving both settlements opened on the line between Ljutomer and Gornja Radgona. A ferry used to carry passengers across the Mura from Mota, shortening the journey to Murska Sobota. There are a number of fishponds in Hrastje-Mota. Sources: Milan Orožen Adamič, Drago Perko, Drago Kladnik, Priročni krajevni leksikon Slovenije, Ljubljana, 1996.  

Post Office : Post 9252 Radenci 
Panonska cesta 5 
++386 2 564 25 20 
Bus station : Bus station Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci 
Tourist association : Tourist organisation Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci 
++386 2 565 18 89 
Medical center : Health center Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 2, 9252 Radenci 
++386 2 565 10 16 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,6144 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0804 
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Administrator : Zavod za turizem in šport Radenci | ++386 2 565 18 89 |
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