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Tourist Information Center
Turistično-informacijski in promocijski center Velenje
Stari trg 3, 3320 Velenje
++386 3 896 18 60
390 m
Height above sea level
beside a lake
beside a river
Average summer temperature: 18 °C
Average winter temperature: -1 °C
Velenje, with its more than 30,000 inhabitants, is the centre of the Šalek Valley.  The modern town originated after WWII in the vicinity of the old town core under the Velenje Castle. The coalmine and the world famous factory Gorenje have not long been the only two points of distinction of Velenje. The town is not only modern on the outside, also its inhabitants are modern and give a unique pulse to the wonderful nature, and create conditions for a comfortable, creative and relaxed feeling. Not only for themselves but also for the numerous guests who they warmly welcome at every moment. Velenje is the town of opportunities for everyone. In this small piece of the world there is practically nothing which you could not do.  Would you like to fly with a micro-light? Would you like to ski or skate? Or maybe you prefer swimming in the healing waters? What about a good local lunch? Would you like to try your luck with fishing, hunting? How about visiting a museum or a gallery? You can experience all these and more in Velenje and its nearby surroundings - there is an opportunity for everyone!
Text: Darja Verbič (catalogue Velenje - the Šalek Valley) 

Points of distinction : Overlooking the town is a castle dating from the second half of the 13th century and situated on a dome-like slope. Enclosed by round towers and tall outer wall, the castle is one of the finest examples of castle architecture in Slovenia. It houses nine permanent museum and art gallery collections. 
Famous citizen : - Matjaž Kmecl, PhD, literary historian and writer
- Guštav Šilih, writer
- Karel Verstovšnik, PhD, initiator and father of Slovenian University
- Vendelin Vošnjak, PhD, theologist, first Slovenian candidate for councillor

Railway :
Regular trains to Celje.
Information: Velenje Railway Station
Telephone: +386 3 586 64 43

Bus : Velenje can be reached from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Brnik, by bus, train or car.
There are regular buses running from Brnik to Ljubljana and from Ljubljana on to Velenje.
To learn more about bus timetables, visit
There are regular buses to Šoštanj, Topolšica, Slovenj Gradec, Celje, Maribor, Ljubljana, etc.
Information: Velenje Bus Station
Telephone: +386 3 587 02 04
Airplane : Flights are available between London and Maribor. For more information about the flights, Slovenia and Velenje, visit
No vehicles allowed : The old town centre is closed to vehicular traffic.

Post Office : Pošta Velenje 
Kidričeva 2 a, Velenje 
++386 3 898 38 00 
Bus station : Avtobusna postaja Velenje 
Kopališka cesta 2 A, Velenje 
++386 3 898 14 20 
Railway station : Railway station Velenje 
Cesta Talcev 36, Velenje 
++386 3 293 59 15 
Tourist association : Turistično društvo Velenje 
p.p. 23, Velenje 
++386 358 71 170 
Police : Policijska postaja Velenje 
Žarova 4, Velenje 
++386 3 898 61 00 
Medical center : Zdravstveni dom Velenje 
Vodnikova 1, Velenje 
++386 3 586 90 41 
Dentist : Zdravstveni dom Velenje 
Vodnikova 1, Velenje 
++386 3 899 54 00 
Additional description : The first record of Velenje as a market town dates back to 1264, which ranks it among the oldest medieval markets on Slovenian soil. The town gradually expanded, but at a very moderate rate, so the layout of the initial market stayed the same to this day. The layout of the old town of Velenje is demarcated by the intersection of two roads: Celje–Šoštanj and Polzela–Velenje. The town market is fringed by Villa Bianca on one side, and a large building, formerly a hotel, on the other. Apart from the two buildings, the old market—subject to significant change after the war, e.g. with the construction of a bakery—houses some other prominent cube-shaped buildings recognised for their contribution to the market's appearance. The main strength of Velenje lies not in its individual buildings but in the town's wholeness which retained its medieval character to the present day.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3579 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,1087 

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