This is a story of thermal and mineral waters, which heal, invigorate and nourish. Slovenia has a truly magical underground world. Springs of crystal-clear mineral water, bursting from the depth of 1000 meters, enrich many different parts of the country. Over thousands of years and under the influence of temperature and earth pressures, waters have dissolved rocks and soaked themselves with the best combination of minerals.

Natural health resorts invite you to Slovenia. Enjoy the lavish health and wellness centres, ranked among the best in Europe. Spreading from the Pannonian plains in the East, to the Southeast of the country and all the way down to the sunny Adriatic coast, Slovenia offers a vast array of different indulging choices. The warmest water springs are in Moravske Toplice in the East, where water temperatures reach up to 72 °C.

The symbiosis of natural environment, centuries-old tradition and modern medical knowledge are the key to well-being. Slovenian natural spas are famous for their vast selection of treatments that combine thermal and mineral waters with precious natural healing resources from the local environment.

After pampering spa treatments, which often include therapeutic wraps, like peat from the Zreče Pohorje area, a relaxing break with green views feels like a perfect cherry on the top.

In the Central and Eastern part of Slovenia, natural health resorts have the longest tradition. Almost each spring of thermal and mineral water has an intriguing legend. One of them saying that the spring of Roitschocrene was discovered by Pegasus, who hit the ground with his hoof and thus became the symbol of the Rogaška mineral water - Donat Mg - renowned for the highest magnesium content in the world.

Relaxing in the modern thermal health and wellness centres is like a soft balm for your mood. Discover thermal resort in Olimje where, besides attracting pools, you can also enjoy the best award-winning spa centre in Slovenia - the prestigious Orhidelia. Indulge into a new dimension of self-care and experience a special selfness treatment that graciously connects the soul, mind and body.

The Thalasso therapy by the seaside relaxes with natural ingredients, such as salt, fango, algae and seawater. At the open pavilion a bath in brine or mother water improves well-being and the sea mud wrap feels like a healthy dream.

We end and re-start our journey to natural health resorts in the East of Slovenia. The Radenska spring has been a source of fresh and clear mineral water for centuries. Researchers believe the water has been used for about 8000 years In the past, the mineral water of Radenci was the official mineral water of the Viennese Imperial Court. Maybe its secret lies in the legend of hardworking underground dwarves who are paving its paths to the surface.

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