Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

Objavljeno: 21.2.2011

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Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

V nadaljevanju vas vabimo k ogledu povpraševanj britanskih novinarjev, ki iščejo teme za objave v člankih v mediju. Izkoristite možnost promocije na britanskem trgu in stopite v kontakt z novinarji.

Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

V nadaljevanju vas vabimo k ogledu povpraševanj britanskih novinarjev, ki iščejo teme za objave v člankih v mediju. Izkoristite možnost promocije na britanskem trgu in stopite v kontakt z novinarji.

Zadeva: Ugodne počitnice za družine v vrhuncih sezone

Zadeva: Študijske ture za družine

Kontakt: Suzy Shanley
Medij: Kent Messenger Group
Email: sshanley@thekmgroup.co.uk  
Rok oddaje: 15.03.2011 do 11.00

Opis: Študijska tura za družinske počitnice v juniju ali juliju 2011

Zadeva: Ugodne počitnice za družine v vrhuncih sezone

Kontakt: Jane Knight
Medij:  The Times
Email:  travel@thetimes.co.uk
Rok oddaje: 26.02.2011 do 18h
Opis: Družinske počitnice, alternativa toplim krajem ob morju

Cheap Peak Season Family Holidays   
I'm looking for examples of hotels where it's cheaper to stay in peak season in the summer holidays than in spring and autumn eg a golf resort in portugal where it's too hot for golf in August, so that's when the families move in. For every example, I need a price comparison for peak season with spring price and a reason why it's cheaper in the summer (and no, Indian monsoon won't swing it I'm afraid).
Please send responses to: travel@thetimes.co.uk
Many thanks,
Jane Knight

Zadeva: Top 10 destinacij za kolesarjenje  
Kontakt: Ruth Styles
Medij:  The Ecologist
Email:  ruth@theecologist.org
Rok oddaje: 22.2.2011
Opis:  Najboljše destinacije za kolesarjenje po svetu (lestvica Top 10)

I'm looking for help with a top 10 piece on cycling - the best places in the UK/Europe/North Africa to cycle in. As I'm no expert on cycling, if anyone represents a cycling holiday company who'd be happy to make some suggestions or has a good idea themselves, I'd be really pleased to hear from them!

Zadeva: Študijske ture za družine 
Kontakt: Suzy Shanley
Medij:  Kent Messenger Group
Email:  sshanley@thekmgroup.co.uk
Rok oddaje: 15.03.2011
Opis:  Študijska tura za družinske počitnice v juniju ali juliju 2011

Family Holiday Press Trips Required   
I am looking for family friendly press trips either in this country or abroad (with flights included) to be taken end of June/beginning of July time - with a view to publication pre-school summer holidays.
A cottage that sleeps a number of people, or hotel catering for children would be ideal.
The feature is for publication in several Kent Messenger titles, and on the website www.kentonline.co.uk

Zadeva: Medeni tedni – ponudbe za 2011 
Kontakt: Kate Simon
Medij:   The Independent
Email:  k.simon@independent.co.uk

Wanted: New Honeymoon Packages For 2011   
Looking for new honeymoon packages for 2011. Please attach min 1MB pic with your info. The more unusual the better.

Zadeva: Počitnice za revijo za ženske 
Kontakt: Dawn Maria France
Medij:  Yorkshire Women's Life
Email:  ywlmagenquiries@btinternet.com
Rok oddaje: 28.2.2011
Opis: Ideje za počitnice, za TRAVEL stran v eni od VB revij za ženske

UK Women's Magazine Requires Travel For Its Travel Pages   
UK hand-bag sized women's magazine requires travel ideas to include weekend or short break travel with both resorts/hotels in the UK and overseas to review and feature over two pages.
The lifestyle, news based Yorkshire Women's Life magazine requires travel which appeal to its thirty plus professional female readers. The title circ is 15,000+ with readers in the UK and overseas the title is also distributed to female business owners both nationally and internationally.

Zadeva: 'Zgodnje poletno sonce' prispevek za The Times 
Kontakt: James Ellis
Medij:   The Times
Email:  worldofjames@me.com

Early Summer Sun: For Destination PRs   
I've been commissioned by The Times to do a round up of places to visit for early Sumer sun...
The feature will take the form of a number of destinations plus a number of deals in each... but at this time, I am looking to select the destinations only. I need a hook as to why it's suitable and any expert advice about prices or why to go. This could be foreign office advice that has been lifted (Tunisia), massive price drops (Sharm) or a preferable exchange rate.
The more information you can supply, the better chance you have of featuring.

Zadeva: Ideje za veliko noč 
Kontakt: Emma O'Reilly
Medij:   Bella
Email:  e.oreilly@virgin.net

Opis: Nove ideje za velikonočne praznike.
Easter Days Out Wanted   
Hi - I'm looking for great Easter days out - particularly anything that's new for this year.
Please could you send brief description, along with an image.

Zadeva: Ideje za pustolovske družinske počitnice 
Kontakt: Caroline Hendrie
Medij:   The Times
Email:  caroline.hendrie@thetimes.co.uk
Rok oddaje: 28.2.2011
Opis: Ideje za čas šolskih počitnic v VB

Schools Out Holidays For Adventurous Families  
Holidays and short breaks needed for weekly column in The Times Travel section for the next four upcoming school breaks (Easter, May half-term, Summer, October half-term). Must be adventurous, active, educational or unusual and for families (suitable for kids of any age 5 to 17) to do together. State any age restrictions or recommendations. Give prices for the school holiday specified saying what is included. Put School's Out subject field. Ok to resend ideas not published last time.

Zadeva: Luksuzni butični hoteli 
Kontakt: Lisa Harvey
Medij:   Easy Living
Email:  lisa.harvey@condenast.co.uk
Rok oddaje: 25. 2. 2011
Opis: Hoteli blizu letališč do katerih se lahko pride iz VB s cenejšimi leti.

Luxury, Boutique-Type Hotels 
I'm researching luxury, boutique-type hotels (mainly in Europe) within close proximity to a random (not capital/main) airport people might not have heard about, but can fly to from England on cheaper airlines.

Zadeva: Študijske ture za Living Magazine 
Kontakt: Jemma Rawlinson
Medij:  Staffordshire Living magazine
Email:  design@staffsmedia.com
Rok oddaje: 28.02.2011
Opis: Študijska v zameno za celostranski članek.

Press Trips For 2011
Staffordshire Living magazine require press trips for 2011. In return you will receive at least one page of editorial. If you have previously sent your information then you do not need to resend.

Zadeva: MSN Travel – galerija slik naj- krajev 
Kontakt: Meera Dattani
Medij:  MSN Travel
Email:  travel@meeradattani.com
Opis: Zanimajo jih zadeve kot so: najdaljše reke, najglobje jame, najvišji vrhovi, itd.

Travel Feature - Info Request 
I'm working on a quirky 30-image gallery feature for MSN Travel http://travel.uk.msn.com about superlative attractions/destinations - longest, deepest, smelliest, smallest etc. There's plenty of scope for the unusual too.
If you're working on anything which might work, please get in touch. It will include tallest peak, longest river etc but we're looking for fun ideas too e.g. tiniest restaurant, most expensive drink, smelliest food, hairiest mammal in a zoo/national park etc. (provided it's based on fact).

Zadeva: City Breaks za 2011 
Kontakt: Kate Simon
Medij:  The Independent
Email:  k.simon@independent.co.uk
Opis: Ideje za počitnice v mestih

Wanted: City Breaks For Spring 2011
Looking for city breaks domestic, short and long haul for spring 2011. Particularly interested in good deals and new offerings. Please attach one copyright-free image of minimum 1MB.
Deadline 4pm today. Please send responses to: k.simon@independent.co.uk
Many thanks,
Kate Simon

Zadeva: Last minute ideje 
Kontakt: Denise Eaton
Medij:  KM Group
Email:  deaton@thekmgroup.co.uk
Opis: Ideje za počitnice v mestih

URGENT! Last-Minute Deals 
Hi, Looking for some last-minute holiday deals (home & abroad) for publication in this week's travel section. Any submissions for consideration would be greatly appreciated.
Please send directly by email deaton@thekmgroup.co.uk
Many thanks,
Denise Eaton

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