Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

Objavljeno: 5.4.2011

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Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

V nadaljevanju vas vabimo k ogledu povpraševanj britanskih novinarjev, ki iščejo teme za objave v člankih v mediju. Izkoristite možnost promocije na britanskem trgu in stopite v kontakt z novinarji.

Povpraševanja novinarjev z britanskega trga

V nadaljevanju vas vabimo k ogledu povpraševanj britanskih novinarjev, ki iščejo teme za objave v člankih v mediju. Izkoristite možnost promocije na britanskem trgu in stopite v kontakt z novinarji.

Zadeva: Zelene turistične novičke
Kontakt: Gill Williams
Medij: greentravelguides.tv
Email: gill@wildsideproductions.co.uk  
Opis: Razne zelene novičke iz sveta turizma

Green Travel News
Gill Williams, editor of the internet travel website greentravelguides.tv, is now tweeting about sustainable travel issues on www.twitter.com/gillgreentravel
I'm looking for green travel news for our blog on greentravelguides.tv and also the new Twitter site gillgreentravel.

Zadeva: Novi hoteli na Mediteranu s pogledom na morje
Kontakt: Tom Chesshyre
Medij: The Times
Email: travelnews@thetimes.co.uk  
Rok oddaje: 12.4.2011
Opis: Hoteli s pogledom na morje

New Hotels In The Med, Overlooking The Sea
I'm putting together a piece for the Saturday Times on new hotels in the Med and am searching for interesting suggestions - ones with good pictures.
I'm hoping to find the latest batch of stylish new places overlooking the sea... they have to be hotels (or perhaps very smart B&Bs), and they have to have good photographs we would be able to use!
If you know of any, would it be possible to email ideas to travelnews@thetimes.co.uk with the subject heading "NEW MED HOTELS [name, location]" to reach me as soon as possible please.
I'd be after a weblink and the 'from' price to stay in a double for a night this summer.

Zadeva: Družinam prijazna zdravilišča
Kontakt: Jane Anderson
Medij: Spa Secrets magazine
Email: janeandersontravel@me.com  
Rok oddaje: 11.04.2011

Opis: Družini prijazna zdravilišča za revijo iz VB

Family Friendly Resorts With Spas
I'm writing a feature for Spa Secrets magazine about luxury family resorts which have great spas too. In particular I'm looking for resorts which appeal to teenagers and secondly resorts that are multi-generational - ie would appeal to kids, parents and grandparents. And of course there has to be a really great spa.

Zadeva: Dnevni izleti za ženske
Kontakt: Wendy Gomersall
Medij: Fabulous Magazine
Email: pipsi@globalnet.co.uk  
Opis: Dnevni izleti primerni za ženske

Fabulous Day Trips
Info wanted on brilliant day trip ideas for women, Mid-May onwards, UK and short haul - day trips only please, for Fabulous magazine, News of the World. Only suggestions accompanied by a good pic will be considered. Relevant pitches only please to: Wendy Gomersall on pipsi@globalnet.co.uk, by 12pm Friday April 8

Zadeva: Zelene iniciative v turizmu
Kontakt: Richard Hammond
Medij: The Guardian Green Travel List
Email: info@greentraveller.co.uk  
Rok oddaje: 9.4.2011
Opis: Zelene iniciative za objavo v Guradian-u

Green Initiatives - Richard Hammond, editor, greentraveller.co.uk
Nominate a green initiative for the 2011 Guardian Green Travel List, organised in association with greentraveller.co.uk.This is a chance for innovative green travel and tourism projects around the world to be profiled in a national newspaper. Last year's list was published here:
This year, we are particularly looking for examples of INNOVATION, ie. initiatives that have shown evidence of commitment to the environment, community and place in an innovative way. Businesses can nominate themselves so if you cover any potential nominees please let them know asap The deadline for the Guardian's Green Travel List 2011 is this Saturday, 9 April. More details can be found on the Guardian's website here: http://bit.ly/g4lA81  

Zadeva: 'Zgodnje poletno sonce' prispevek za The Times
Kontakt: Paul Johnson
Medij: easyJet blog
Email: paul@dedicate.co.uk  
Rok oddaje: 14.4.2011

Luxury Travel At easyJet Destinations
I have been asked to contribute to the luxury channel on easyJet's holiday blog. They are looking for articles around 400-500 words in length, focussing on luxury aspects of easyJet destinations (new openings, events, restaurants, etc.). Please get in touch by sending an
email to paul@dedicate.co.uk with the subject line "easyJet blog" if interested.
Must be luxury! Must focus on easyJet destinations!
Please don't send if you don't fulfil BOTH criteria.

Zadeva: Oprema hotelskih sob
Kontakt: Charlotte Jones
Medij: Stylus.com
Email: charlotte.jones@stylus.com  
Rok oddaje: 12. 4. 2011 18:00

Hotel In-Room Amenities
Stylus.com is a business-to-business website focused on all things related to design, art, culture and fashion.
I am currently researching an article on hotel in-room amenities. I would like information on quirky in-room amenities that hotels are offering. I would also like quotes or information on the evolution of the in-room amenity. How are guests' expectations changing? What do they expect that they never did before? Should an amenity be something they can take away, keep and treasure? Is technology playing a role in what hotels are offering?

Zadeva: Hoteli za opis v reviji za turistične agente in operaterje
Kontakt: Graham Gartside-Bernier
Medij: AGENT2 Magazine and Black Book
Email: editor@agent2magazine.com  
Deadline: 13. 4. 2011 10:00

Opis: B2B revija za turizem
Hotels Wanted For Review
AGENT2 Magazine and its soon to launch sister site, Black Book Magazine are looking for hotels to review for their travel sections. Front page inclusions and dedicated e-newsletters featuring your client are offered and reach our own 100, 000+ subscribers as well as the Glam Networks 6 million+ monthly users.
Recently voted one of the world's top online fashion publications, AGENT2 is the perfect platform for your luxury and design led clients.
Black Book features exciting travel articles for the 35+ readership with a passion for luxury.

Zadeva: Hotelske sobe z najboljšim razgledom
Kontakt: Caroline Hendrie
Medij: The Times
Email: caroline.hendrie@thetimes.co.uk  
Rok: 11. 4. 2011 10:00

Opis: Najboljše hotelske sobe na svetu z najboljšim razgledom
View With A Hotel Room
For a round up of top hotel rooms around the world (not UK)that have fabulous views and won't break the bank. Excellent pictures a great advantage. State which room has the best view, what the view is of and lead in cost of that room per night (upper limit £400 for a double please, but the cheaper the better, it is the view that counts). This is further to request put out in December (which had no top price limit).

Zadeva: SHE revija – inspiracije za dve novi destinaciji
Contact Name: Suzanne Carter
Publication: SHE Magazine
Email: suzanne.carter@natmags.co.uk  

Opis: Detox destinacija za mamo, kjer pa je lahko cela družina in destinacija primerna za vodne športe.
Inspired By...
I am looking for 2 destinations:
1 - The perfect family destination where mum can detox/relax/do some yoga /drop a dress size & generally partake in all things wellbeing but with the family. So needs to be things for husband and kids to do too.
2 Destinations covering all watersports / scuba diving etc.
Looking for all standards / price ranges.

Zadeva: Tematski park in pustolovske počitnice in ostale družini prijazne destinacije
Kontakt: Jade Griffin
Medij: Achieve magazine
Email: editorial@staffsmedia.com  
Rok: 12. 4. 2011

Family Theme Park And Adventure Holidays
I am looking for family holiday destinations particularly theme parks and adventure holidays to be featured in the August edition of Achieve magazine.
I will be in need of press releases along with high resolution images.
Achieve is a twice yearly publication which is aimed at parents who have or would like to send there children to independent schools. it includes features on private education, travel, fashion, finance etc

Family Holiday Destinations
I am also looking for inforamtion and high resolution images for a 'Family Holiday' feature in the next edition of Achieve magazine.
Information needs to be considerably generic regarding the country, city, state mentioned as specific hotels etc are unlikely to be mentioned.
Looking for a destination which may offer sun, sea and sand along with culture, adventure and entertainment.
Achieve is a twice yearly publication aimed at parents who have or wish to send thier children to an independent school for private education. It includes features on education, fashion, travel, finance, entertainment, reviews etc

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