On the basis of the registration form, you will receive a confirmation of participation, along with a user name and password to be used for scheduling your one-to-one meetings. Please mind that meeting arrangements will not be possible prior to the payment of the registration fee!

Registration is subject to availability, so register as soon as possible to secure your place.

Registration can only be made on-line.

Fee options:

  • Fee € 150 per person including return transfer from nearby airports or railway stations from cities (Ljubljana, Trieste, Zagreb, Venice, Klagenfurt, Graz…) to venue of SIW 2023, hotel accommodation, participation at workshop, accompanying events, study tour of your choice;
  • No fee for those who will attend only the workshop (which means no transportation arrangements, no accommodation and no study tours).

Max one representatives from one company can apply.

The fee remains the same, even though a representative will not take advantage of all the elements offered in the program. The participation fee should be paid by 18th April 2023, if not we will not be able to keep you on the stand-by list. Payments can be processed on-line with a credit card or based on a proforma invoice. In either case, we will issue you also the original invoice.


As a SIW buyer you are obliged to arrange in advance a minimum of fifteen 1–1 meetings for SIW. The application for one-to-one meetings will go online on 18th April 2023, from then on you will be able to check your personal meetings schedule via your online calendar.


The cancellation fee is €50. Cancellation notices should be e-mailed to as early as possible. If a cancellation notice will be received prior to or on 18th April, the advanced payment (minus cancellation fee) will be refunded. Please note that all refunds will be processed after the event. If the cancellation will be made after 18th April, no payment will be refunded and the full registration fee will be charged.

Slovenian Tourist Board covers the following accommodation dates:

  • If you are attending the workshop and 1-day study tour: 9-12 May 2023;
  • If you are attending the workshop, 2-day pre-tour and 2-day post-tour: 7-13 May 2023;
  • If you are attending the workshop, 2-day pre-tour: 7-11 May 2023;
  • If you are attending the workshop and 2-day post-tour: 9-13 May 2023.

Participants cover any additional or accommodation costs themselves.

SIW 2023

Slovenian Incoming Workshop, the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry. Let's meet on 9 - 11 May 2023 in Portorož!

SIW 2023


Getting to and around Slovenia

You can get to Slovenia in different ways – by car or train, by air, bicycle or boat.

Getting to and around Slovenia


Contact info:

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Tel: +386 (0) 1 589 85 96
Fax: +386 (0) 1 589 85 60

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