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Experience Slovenian Incoming Workshop – SIW 2020 – with a tour of your choice. We help foreign partners of Slovenian tourism get to know the special features of their choice. Pick your tour. Please register on time! 

First time with us? Get to know Slovenia even before your business meetings start! 

PRE-SIW Thematic Study Tour

 2-day excursion / 13 – 14 May 2020 


First time in Slovenia? Welcome to a destination for explorers and adventurers, welcome to a fresh and boutique heart of Europe that offers relaxation in the embrace of nature! We will greet&meet you in our capital city Ljubljana and show you how to be a Social Foodie and an Urban spender at once… Head towards Radovljica, the sweetest Slovenian town spoiling you with tastes and baroque sketches, and Lake Bled, the pearl of Alpine region… The next day Postojna Cave will awaken a Green Explorer in you… Lipica is a place for unforgettable horse whispering… Make your day with unique experiences among 300 white Lipizzan friends in the embrace of the green Karst landscape. And last but certainly not the least, we are welcoming you in Portorož, at the SIW venue!

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

2-day excursion / 16 - 17 May 2020


Explore the Karst region through a gastronomic tour and experience local traditional products, join the outdoor escape room in Tomaj. Spoil your taste buds at Zemono Manor House in the Vipava Valley by cuisine that is an avant-garde installation…or…perhaps it’s a game? Hop into Goriška Brda for a culinary safari in Šmartno, medieval labyrinth of wine cellars, ham, jams and olive oil. The arrival of spring turns much of the Brda region white. It’s not unseasonable snow that is responsible for the sudden transformation, but rather thousands of cherry blossoms. The blossoms eventually turn into fruit, and in May, the cherry picking season begins and sellers set up their cherry stands along narrow country lanes throughout the region. Enjoy your breakfast in the cherry orchard...Collect your impressions at green SIW picnic.





Leave the seaside behind and descend into the depths of Škocjan Caves. Thermal Pannonian Slovenia and Drava river will surprise you with canoeing, kayaking and biking, while luxury glamping Chocolate village and Teta Frida’s legendary chocolate manufactory will make sure your life gets sweeter! The second largest Slovenian city boasting the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, will welcome you in the evening. The second day you will be embraced by a unique experience in Cerkvenjak, with selfness and activities under the hayrack in nature’s hug. Hop on an oldtimer and collect local ingredients for your lunch that you are going to cook open-air by yourself! Be creative and learn about the Slovenian tradition! Collect your impressions at green SIW picnic.



Leaving Portorož and heading towards Terme Dolenjske Toplice, take care about yourself with a mindful walk through the woods and healing sounds of Qi Gong. Explore picturesque landscape surrounding boutique Otočec Castle and Hotel, the only castle situated on a river islet in Slovenia. You will greet Terme Dobrna, the oldest thermal spa resort in Slovenia; its medicinal water and nature have been a source of health and relaxation for more than 600 years. Trust your health to knowledge and nature of Rogaška Slatina, a natural spa with a rich tradition, top-quality medical center and clean natural environment. What we do in the morning matters most, so don’t miss a unique chance to take a tree-top walk on Rogla - Pohorje region with Terme Zreče. Collect your impressions at green SIW picnic.


1-day excursion (17 May 2020)


Explore the Slovenian coast and its hinterland full of culinary surprises.


The detailed program will be updated shortly.


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SIW 2020 - Registration and Fee

Experience Slovenian Incoming Workshop – SIW 2019 – with a tour of your choice. We help foreign partners of Slovenian tourism get to know the special features of their choice. Pick your tour.

SIW 2020 - Registration and Fee


Slovenian Incoming Workshop

Slovenian Incoming Workshop, the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry.

Slovenian Incoming Workshop


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