Carnival (Kamnik)

Дата: 25. 02. 2020
Место: Kamnik, Old town
Тип: Другие мероприятия
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The playful carnival atmosphere attracts multitudes of doughnut loving masqueraders to the centre. The masqueraders start their path towards the centre of Kamnik at the birth house of Rudolf Maister, continuing their way through Šutna to the Samec Tunnel, to finally reach the Main Square. The Kamnik City Band dictates the rhythm as they are accompanied by lively dancers and majorettes from the Kamnik dance clubs. At the same time, the Carnival is one of the rare opportunities when the people from Kamnik can meet the Countess Veronika or a real Kamnik mammoth while walking down the streets. Of course, the best costumes at the Kamnik Carnival are awarded as well. On Shrove Tuesday, it is thus worth putting some effort in your costume, as it might bring you the award for best individual or group costume.

Carnival (Kamnik)

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