Night on the Krka river & Jumps to the Krka 2019 Image

Дата: 24. 08. 2019
Место: Novo mesto
Тип: Развлекательные мероприятия
Контакты: Zavod Novo mesto, +386 7 39 30 39, info.zavodnm@novomesto.si
Более подробная информация: https://www.visitdolenjska.eu

Night at Krka river is an event whose roots go back many decades or centuries far. Once upon a time, the Krka river site brought life, the shores offered beautiful walks, the natural swimming pool on Loka was revived in the summer, and the dolenjska beauty never disappointed the fishermen. Today, the Krka River and its banks are becoming a popular destination for locals and tourists.

The annual Night at Krka river is a family holiday in the center of the city, which will for the first time join the traditional Jumping to Krka, different activities on and along the Krka river, animations for for children, the launching of lights in Krka and evening concerts for all generations.

15.00 Jumping to Krka & Kitchen on the bridge

19.00 Night at Krka river

- children's program (boat making)

- MC Oton (playground)

- Culinary arena (Loka Inn)


- at 21 o'clock descending the boats with lights through Krka



Night on the Krka river & Jumps to the Krka 2019

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