The Open kitchen in Nova Gorica

Дата: 19. 06. 2019
Место: Nova Gorica
Тип: Гастрономические и кулинарные мероприятия
Контакты: info@odprtakuhna.si
Более подробная информация: http://www.odprtakuhna.si/

Odprta kuhna (the Open kitchen), Slovenia’s most popular high-end food market, is visiting Nova Gorica again. The event will continue the fourth season of culinary Wednesdays that traditionally bring numerous foodies to Bevkov Square. Take a walk among the stands, where the country's chefs are preparing their offerings from near and far. Each stall serves something completely different and the grand total is more than 60 dishes.

*the event can be cancelled due to rain

The Open kitchen in Nova Gorica

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