Days of Poetry and Wine

Дата: 21. 08. 2019 - 24. 08. 2019
Место: Ptuj
Тип: Фестивали
Контакты: info@ptuj.info
Более подробная информация: https://www.ptuj.info/sl/ptuj-in-dediscina/festivali-in-prireditve/najvecji-pesniki-in-najboljsa-vina/

Days of Poetry and Wine are the largest international poetry festival that brings the greatest poets and other artists from all over the world, as well as the finest Slovenian wines, all together in the charming old city center of Ptuj. In addition to public readings and concerts, intimate private readings, round tables, and a children’s program, every edition of the festival also brings something new and small surprises from the world of music, theater, photography, and other forms of art.

Days of Poetry and Wine

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