Carnival in Cerknica

Дата: 23. 02. 2020
Место: Cerknica
Тип: События в области культуры, Фольклорные события
Контакты: Miha Jernejčič, miha.jernejcic@notranjski-park.si
Более подробная информация: https://pust.si/

From Fat Thursday until Ash Wednesday the streets of Cerknica traditionally host the famous carnival festivities. Sunday's Carnival is one of the biggest in Slovenia and is well known for its great figures – Witches Uršula and Liza, Frog, Pike, Dragon, Jezerko (green “man” who lives under the water of Cerknica Lake), Hedgehog and so on. Figures, measuring up to 10 meters in length, were made by academic artists and represent biological and mythological creatures of Inner Carniola.

Carnival in Cerknica

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