Janez Grošelj: Cosmic Attraction

Data: 09. 02. 2024 - 12. 03. 2024 Luogo: Ljubljana, Piazza del Congresso Tipo: Manifestazioni culturali Ulteriori informazioni

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Janez Grošelj: Cosmic Attraction

In the hushed ambience of Park Zvezda in Ljubljana, emerges "The Cosmic Attraction", a nocturnal odyssey where celestial mysticism unites with the profound theme of love. 

Janez Grošelj: Cosmic Attraction

This array of light installations, each a poetic articulation of cosmic phenomena, unfolds as a metaphor for the multifaceted essence of love, inviting the observer to explore its depths and fleeting beauty displayed against the canvas of the night sky. Exploration thus serves as a metaphorical bridge between the cosmos and love, connecting them in a meaningful way: The universe, as the ultimate frontier of exploration, reflects our innate curiosity and desire to discover the unknown, while love is a journey through the exploration of emotions, understanding another person, and navigating the complexities of relationships. Just like the universe, love can also be mysterious and full of unexpected discoveries.

1. Meteoric Dichotomy
A portrayal of asteroids as dual forces - harbingers of both danger and fortune - mirrors the capricious nature of love. This installation is an allegorical landscape, reflecting the unpredictable voyage of affection and desire, where heartache and joy exist in a delicate balance.

2. Stellar Sprouts
The celestial ballet of star formation parallels the human experience of love. This piece is a celebration of creation in the cosmos, inviting the observer to immerse in the beauty and spontaneity of life and love's miraculous inception.

3. Insistence of Fervour
Echoing the evolving luminosity of red giant stars, this installation is a visual symphony of love’s intensity. It stands as a metaphor for the ever-changing, yet enduring flame of passion and commitment, fluctuating in its expression over the eons.

4. Celestial Congregation
Reflecting the unity of star clusters, this installation embodies the concept of interconnectedness within relationships and communities. It symbolises the collective luminescence of individual spirits, each contributing to the vibrancy and structure of the whole.

5. Fleeting Traces
The ephemeral glow of meteors inspires this installation, symbolising life's transitory yet significant moments. It draws a parallel to the fleeting, yet indelible imprints of love and connection, as transient and poignant as a meteor’s passage through the night sky.

About the author:

JANEZ GROŠELJ holds a Master's degree in architecture, yet he's rapidly moving away from architectural design and discovering his calling in a smaller, more intimate field focused on light and light art. Apart from actively creating works, he shares his technical knowledge and programming expertise as a consultant and mentor in workshops. In recent years at Svetlobna gverila, he has collaborated on several interdisciplinary projects: "Mesto-skica" (with Andrej Štular), "Zajezeni," "Valoskop," and "Utrip drevesa." He has participated in festivals such as Skopje Light Art District (NM), Pixxelpoint (SI), Kunigunda (SI), Visual Festival (FI), Jyväskylä City of Light (FI), Turku Festival of Light (FI), and CestArt Festival (SI). In 2022, he and Andrej Štular received the Pixxelpoint Festival award for "Mesto-skica."

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