Data: 23. 02. 2020
Luogo: Tržič, Tržič - old town centre
Tipo: Le manifestazioni etnologiche, Le manifestazioni di svago
Organizzatore: Občina Tržič
Contatti: Občina Tržič, +386 4 59 71 536, informacije@trzic.si
Ulteriori informazioni: http://www.visit-trzic.com/prireditve/pustovanje.html

Carnival is fast approaching and in Tržič as in other places we are already getting ready to drive away winter. 

At 3 pm grownups from our municipality as well as others nearby can also display their originality, imagination and creativity. The parade of thematic group masks and individual masks will be accompanied and led by animators and at the head of the procession will march the Tržič Wind Orchestra, as for every year. The sharp eye of the committee will judge the originality of ideas, creativity, choreography, and quality of the masks made. The most original masks in the parade will be richly awarded.


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