Hit Parade di musica popolare 2021

Data: 13. 11. 2021 alle 20:00
Luogo: Bled, Sport Hall Bled
Tipo: Le manifestazioni musicali
Organizzatore: Turizem Bled, zavod za pospeševanje turizma Bled
Contatti: +386 (0)4 5780 500, info@visitbled.si
Ulteriori informazioni: https://www.bled.si/sl/prireditve/2020090211544388/

Unforgettable music event The dreary autumn mood in Bled is brought to life with the traditional event in November - the Folk Music Hit Parade Bled, which is successfully organised by the Bled Tourist Board.  This popular musical event offers great atmosphere, with several world-renowned folk music ensembles from Slovenia and abroad performing.  Experience this unique gathering of popular traditional Alpine music fans.  The excellent food on offer adds to the enrichment of the event.  The event is visited annually by several thousand visitors from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland in the Bled Sports Hall.  

So, all fans of Slovene Alpine music: Welcome to Bled!




Hit Parade di musica popolare 2021

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