Slovenian Istria days of Agriculture

Data: 17. 10. 2020 - 18. 10. 2020
Luogo: Koper
Tipo: Le altre manifestazioni
Contatti: turizem@koper.si
Ulteriori informazioni: https://visitkoper.si/prireditve/dnevi-kmetijstva-slovenske-istre/

During the “Slovenian Istria days of Agriculture”, the countryside of Istria and Slovenia, as well as all its gifts and products, come to town. This provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to try local products such as cheeses, charcuterie products, wines, oils, bee products, etc., and also buy them directly from their providers. The events at the fair are usually accompanied by professional presentations and workshops that also allow you to familiarise yourself with farming machinery and some farm animals.

Slovenian Istria days of Agriculture

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