Kozjansko Apple Festival

Data: 10. 10. 2020 - 11. 10. 2020
Luogo: Podsreda
Tipo: Le manifestazioni gastronomiche, Le altre manifestazioni
Contatti: 03/800-71-00, kozjanski-park@kp.gov.si
Ulteriori informazioni: https://kozjanski-park.si/?page_id=197

The Kozjansko Apple Festival is a traditional central event in Kozjansko park, at the Podsreda market town, which is held every year in the second week of October since 2000. The event represents the collaboration of the inhabitants of this protected biosphere area and the joint endeavours for the protection of nature and the preservation of the agricultural and cultural environment in the Kozjansko region. Its most characteristic environmental elements are the tall trunk meadow orchards with old varieties of apple trees.

Kozjansko Apple Festival

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