Dolenjsko Martinovanje

Data: 08. 11. 2019
Luogo: Novo mesto, Grad Grm
Tipo: Le manifestazioni gastronomiche
Contatti: 031-443-596, dolenjsko.martinovanje@gmail.com
Ulteriori informazioni: https://www.visitnovomesto.si/home/document/docid/13716?back=/

The Grm Castle will be a venue, where all local winemakers and home specialty specialists will meet and a varied accompanying program. Feat of St. Martin with a glass of excellent Cviček, blaufränkinsh or other top-level Dolenjska's wines combined with Martina's culinary is a holiday for many locals and for all visitors, who want to get to know authentic Dolenjska's hospitality.

Dolenjsko Martinovanje

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