Eat & Drink Design

Data: 17. 10. 2019
Luogo: Ljubljana, Mesto oblikovanja (Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana)
Tipo: Le manifestazioni gastronomiche
Contatti: +386 (01) 4312222, info@zavodbig.si
Ulteriori informazioni: http://zavodbig.com/oblikovalska-okusevalnica-2019/

Eat & Drink Design has been carried out as an independent culinary-design event since 2008 and it represents a great networking occasion. This year again we are going to have an opportunity to see and taste various culinary delicacies introducing some completely new flavours and shapes that will be formed by means of joint creative energies. Eat & Drink Design will undoubtedly generate an unforgettable culinary-design performance that will be long remembered.

Eat & Drink Design

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