Month of Karst Cuisine

Data: 05. 10. 2019 - 04. 11. 2019
Luogo: Štanjel
Tipo: Le manifestazioni gastronomiche
Contatti: +386 31 303 523, tic.sezana@visitkras.info
Ulteriori informazioni: https://www.visitkras.info/nacrtuj-obisk/dogodki/mesec-kraske-kuhinje

The Karst is unique and so too is its cuisine. In autumn, before the smoke trees colour the karst landscape in red, the traditional Month of Karst Cuisine beckons visitors to come and taste exquisite local specialties. Selected restaurants and inns as well as tourist farms prepare thematic menus recounting stories about the Karst in their own authentic ways. Tantalising Karst flavours and unforgettable hospitality are waiting for you until St. Martin’s Day.

Month of Karst Cuisine

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