Cherry festival Brda

Data: 06. 06. 2020 - 07. 06. 2020
Luogo: Brda
Tipo: Manifestazioni culturali
Contatti: +386 (0)5 395 95 95, tic@brda.si
Ulteriori informazioni: https://www.brda.si/tradicionalni_dogodki/2012050915394702/Praznik%20%C4%8De%C5%A1enj/

This event is full of ethnological, cultural and sports events and entertainment for all generations. Don’t miss the following events, which are a part of the festival:

Heroes of the Vieyards Cycling Marathon, 2th June 2018
More than 1,000 cycling enthusiast participate in this event starting in Ljubljana and finishing in Brda.

Hike from a cherry tree to a cherry tree, 2nd June 2019
Together with the experts on the Brda region, the participants “conquer” the Brda hills. The route winds its way through villages, vineyards and orchards full of cherries.

Wine Day, 1st and 2nd June 2019
Numerous winemakers open the doors to their wine cellars. They will show the heart of their wine cellar and impress you with high-quality wines. They will share experiences with wine connoisseurs and give valuable tips about the art of winemaking.

Traditional Parade, 9th June 2019
The central part of the Cherry Festival is the traditional parade of country carts. With them the inhabitants of Brda try to present the rural life and customs and habits of the Brda region.

Cherry festival Brda

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