Holcerčkov summer festival in Kope

Data: 23. 06. 2024 Luogo: Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu Tipo: I festival, Le manifestazioni di svago, Le manifestazioni per bambini Contatti: Kope
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Holcerčkov summer festival in Kope

This year, the festival is even bigger, with an even bigger range of events and musical guests. We will get together on Sunday, June 23, 2024, from 10 a.m. at Kope.

Holcerčkov summer festival in Kope

FESTIVE ACTIVITIES: every year at the Holcerec Summer Festival we offer a spectrum of activities to ensure an active day in nature. 

What will we do this year?

  • Large play park with inflatable games,
  • Adrenaline park Kope and the canopy walk,
  • A mini zoo where you can observe our chickens, bunnies and other small animals,
  • Riding ponies,
  • Little Holcer's Hike on the Hidden Treasure Trail and Little Holcer's Fairy Tale at Cockerel Lake
  • JOLLY corner
  • Beauty salon and face painting  
  • Large climbing wall,
  • Introducing professions - including policeman, firefighter and soldier!
  • WOOM mini trail park, 
  • NEW! A visit from Ula the owl, 
  • NEW! Mini Express Train,
  • NEW! Mini planica, 
  • NEW! Paintball

MUSICAL DANCE: Under the summer sky you can enjoy lively rhythms and different music genres. There will be musical treats throughout the day. 


EXCELLENT CULINARY: Tastes of diverse cuisine at the stalls. Holcerček's cuisine offers a diverse range of flavours to satisfy every taste bud.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES: all sports enthusiasts can try out the electric bikes, our BIKE PARK or go for an adrenaline treat at the Adrenaline Park Kope. 

 WONDERFUL ATMOSPHERE: The Holcerček Summer Festival at Kope is a place where people, friends and families come together. The friendly atmosphere and the magical landscape of the Kops create the festival atmosphere you want to experience.

Join us at the HOLCERČKA SUMMER FESTIVAL at Kope and experience unforgettable summer moments surrounded by laughter, music and good company. It's more than just a festival, it's an experience to remember!

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