Julija Opera

Date: 11. 12. 2021 - 12. 12. 2021
Lieu: Šentjur, Ipavčev kulturni center Šentjur
Type: Événements musicaux, Manifestations culturelles
Contact: Ipavčev kulturni center Šentjur & Združenje zgodovinskih mest Slovenije, +386 3 491 40 70, oi.sentjur@jskd.si

Julija, an opera about eternal love, brings to the fore Primic’s Julia, Prešeren's muse and a bride never to be. The underlying theme of the story of the poet France Prešeren is the constant longing for an unexperienced emotion that is topical to the end. The opera libretto comprises three acts, a prologue and an epilogue. With the staging of a large opera performance, the Novo mesto Institute became one of the quality producers of large art productions. More at: slovenia-historic-towns.com

Julija  Opera

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