2023 IBU World Cup Biathlon - Pokljuka

Date: 02. 01. 2023 - 08. 01. 2023
Lieu: Srednja vas v Bohinju, Sports Center Triglav Pokljuka - Rudno polje
Type: Manifestations sportives
Organisateur: Športno društvo Pokljuka, Organizacijski odbor Pokljuka
Contact: +386 (0) 4 279 19 20, info@biathlon-pokljuka.com
Plus d informations: http://www.biathlon-pokljuka.com/

Pokljuka biathlon centre has been hosting the world class biathlon events from 1992/93. The location of the biathlon centre in the Triglav National park is known for the trails winding through spruce forest and backdrop of the Julian Alps. The host towns Bled and Bohinj always make sure the teams and visitors feel good.

We are pleased to invite you to the IBU World Cup Biathlon, one of the winter sports highlights in Slovenia. Experience the dynamics of biathlon competitions and feel the excitement and atractivity of this sports live. Come cheer for the best biathletes on the fourth world cup race of 2022/2023 season, between Jan 2 and 8 on Pokljuka!

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2023 IBU World Cup Biathlon - Pokljuka

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