Dolenjska celebration of St. Martin’s day

Date: 06. 11. 2020
Lieu: Novo mesto, Castle Grm
Type: Événements ethnologiques, Événements gastronomiques
Organisateur: Bajka – Institution for event art
Contact: Barbara Bojanc, 051 647 179, dolenjsko.martinovanje@gmail.com
Plus d informations: https://www.visitdolenjska.eu/dolenjsko-martinovanje.html

The Grm Castle is a magical venue where all local winemakers, home delicacies producers and musicians meet to create a modern celebration of St. Martin’s day. Feast of St. Martin with a glass of excellent cviček, blau fränkisch or other top-level Dolenjska's wines, combined with Martin's culinary, is a holiday for many locals and visitors who want to get to know authentic Dolenjska's hospitality.

Dolenjska celebration of St. Martin’s day

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