Fishing Days at Hotiza

Date: 16. 07. 2020 - 18. 07. 2020
Lieu: Hotiza, Hotiza
Type: Événements gastronomiques
Contact: tic@ztr.si
Plus d informations: http://www.lendava-lendva.si/dogodek/54/Hotiski-ribiski-dnevi

During the traditional summer event known as the Hotiza Fishing Days, which abounds in cultural events and musical entertainment, you can learn about the lives and the unspoiled nature along the Mura river. The most important part of the event is definitely the fish, prepared in a traditional, more than a century old, way of the Hotiza village. Do visit the Hotiza Fishing Days and enjoy the exceptional surroundings, the coolness of the trees along the Mura river and the taste of excellent fish.

Fishing Days at Hotiza

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