A city with Plečnik's signature

Date: 15. 01. 2020 - 01. 04. 2020
Lieu: Ljubljana, Le Parc Tivoli
Type: Manifestations culturelles
Plus d informations: https://mgml.si/sl/plecnikova-hisa/razstave/20/ljubljana-mesto-s-plecnikovim-podpisom/

He is fully aware that heritage, whether mobile or immobile, is impossible to simply document. Photography must interpret the appearance of heritage and capture the visual essence of its message as well as the time in which it was formed. Architecture is no exception, regardless of whether it is a building monument or a contemporary architectural creation. On this premise Paternoster builds his photographic oeuvre in collaboration with numerous local and foreign architectural bureaus.

A city with Plečnik's signature

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