The Day of Kurent and Korant Groups

Date: 19. 02. 2020
Lieu: Ptuj, Ulice in trgi starega mestnega jedra
Type: Événements ethnologiques
Contact: info@ptuj.info
Plus d informations: https://www.ptuj.info/dozivite-ptuj/aktualni-dogodki/kurenti-2020/

Kurent or Korant is Slovenia’s most popular traditional carnival figure. its origins have still not been fully explored, but according to an ancient belief, Kurent is a demon chasing away winter and summoning spring to the country. Every year between Candlemas and Ash Wednesday, this magical traditional figure emerges in the sorroundings of Ptuj. Small groups of Kurents visit houses, bringing them luck and bountiful harvest.

The Day of Kurent and Korant Groups

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