Simone Vallerotonda: L'ultimo romano

Date: 14. 08. 2019
Lieu: Soteska
Type: Événements musicaux, Manifestations culturelles
Plus d informations: http://www.seviqc-brezice.si/simone-vallerotonda-it.html

Music between 17th and 18th century will fill the Devil's Tower in Soteska on Wednesday 14 August 2019 at 20:30. Simone Vallerotonda will take us on a journey to picturesque Rome with his concert programme L'ultimo romano - Last Roman. With archlute and guitar, “star” instruments of the Baroque, he will conjure up those eternal traits that went through the centuries without ever going out of style because of their timeless character and revive the lost sound of a city that still nowadays, if perhaps more softly and secretly, is reflected in them.

Simone Vallerotonda: L'ultimo romano

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