Hundertvasser & Hassegawa: East and West Image

Date: 08. 03. 2019 - 01. 09. 2019
Lieu: Lendava
Type: Manifestations culturelles
Plus d informations: http://lendava-lendva.si/dogodek/210/Hundertvaser-Hasegawa:-East-and-West

Gallery – Museum Lendava has been cooperating with prestigious galleries and private collectors in Europe for many years now. This cooperation has resulted in a number of important exhibitions, such as the recent exhibition of prints by Hundertwasser & Hasegawa: Orient & Okzident (East and West). The exhibition is on display until September 1st 2019.

The exhibition is a compilation of works from Austria’s Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), and Japan’s Shoichi Hasegawa (1929-), that seeks to illustrate the meeting of two worlds.

Hundertwasser, also famous as an architect, traveled to the Japanese capital in 1961, where the Tokyo Gallery presented his works with great success. Here the paths of the two artists cross, as Hasegawa himself had a look at his colleague’s exhibition. Subsequently, the Japanese artist left his home for Paris to become better acquainted with the Western world, while Hundertwasser was fascinated by Eastern philosophies and arts. “He was the first European who could employ Japanese wood carving masters.”

Predominantly featured in the exhibition are colorful graphics: lithography, serigraphy, woodcuts, complemented by watercolors and ceramics, and illustrate the effects of the two worlds, the East and the West: their parallels and differences. It does this from two perspectives, since the peculiarities of these worlds are conveyed through the experiences of a “native” and an “alien” eye.

The exhibition, Orient & Okzident, presenting the works of the two artists, comes from the private collection of Richard H. Mayer.

The exhibitions 2019, Lendava Castle:

8.3.-1.9.2019: Hundertwasser & Hasegawa

6.9.2019-31.1.2020: Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Hundertvasser & Hassegawa: East and West

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