Cobblers Sunday

Fecha: 05. 09. 2021
Lugar: Tržič, Tržič - old town centre
Tipo: Eventos musicales, Eventos culturales, Eventos etnológicos, Eventos de entretenimiento
Organizador: Turistično društvo Tržič, Trg svobode 18, Tržič
Contacto: Občina Tržič, Trg svobode 18, Tržič, +386 4 59 71 536, informacije@trzic.si
Más información: http://www.visit-trzic.com/prireditve/sustarska-nedelja.html

On Angel Sunday, the first Sunday in September, the streets of Tržič come alive and the town beneath the Karawanks attracts large numbers of visitors. Cobblers Sunday developed from the Tržič fairs. The town acquired market rights in 1492 for the sale of wine, livestock, and iron products. Thus there began a series of weekly as well as annual fairs, of which the most important was the fair for farm products on Angel Sunday (the first Sunday in September).

Cobblers Sunday long ago became more than just a fair: it is also a town of crafts, purchases, sports, entertainment, sweepstakes, learning and fun, all in the spirit of spending a day both pleasantly and usefully. The greatest number of visitors are attracted by the bargains to be had at the fair. More than 300 stands offer a wide range of goods for purchase; among them the selection of footwear at affordable prices attracts the greatest interest.

Craftspeople and societies present their activities. The tradition of Cobblers Sunday is associated with the custom called "frejšpreh'nga". In the past it was on Cobblers Sunday that cobblers' apprentices were promoted to journeymen.

The accompanying programme for Cobblers Sunday offers something for everybody. Galleries and museums open their doors and show their collections, and stage performances by musicians, dancers, and athletes take place throughout the day. The very young as well as the less young can learn about the tradition of shoemaking and crafts, have fun in the amusement park, and try their luck in sweepstakes.

The hungry and thirsty can choose from among Slovenian culinary specialties, with particular attention given to traditional foods from Tržič at the Tržič Bržola Festival.

Come visit us on the first Sunday in September. Buy yourself some shoes, eat some bržola, and have some fun.

Cobblers Sunday

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