Cherry Feast Brusnice 2020

Fecha: 13. 06. 2020
Lugar: Novo mesto, Firehouse
Tipo: Eventos etnológicos, Eventos gastronómicos
Organizador: VFFA Brusnice
Contacto: Toni Deželan, 041 794 648, toni.dezelan@siol.net
Más información: https://www.visitdolenjska.eu/praznik-brusniske-hrustavke.html

Cherry Festival in Brusnice is one of the oldest tourist events in the Dolenjska region and in Slovenia in general, since its beginning dates back to 1912. Even when it is not the cherry year, we can admire the hardiness of Brusnice cherry, which of all varieties in our cherry orchards cut off the most.The autochthony of Brusnice cherry also means that our ancestors recognized it to be the fruit that is the least susceptible to various diseases and which, even in the worse years, still yields a satisfactory crop.

Cherry Feast Brusnice 2020

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