Vinarium Festival 2020: Fish Soup Competition

Fecha: 22. 08. 2020
Lugar: Lendava, Lendava
Tipo: Eventos gastronómicos
Contacto: tic@ztr.si
Más información: http://www.lendava-lendva.si/dogodek/460/Festival-Vinarium-2020:-XV.-Mednarodno-tekmovanje-v-kuhanju-ribje-corbe

On a cosy summer day in Lendava, a fun culinary event takes place. The visitors taste the fish soup, a traditional dish of the Pannonian Plain, or test their cooking skills by making the dish themselves. The Hungarian fish soup prepared in a cauldron is a specialty of Prekmurje from Pinc to Hodoš. It is one of those dishes a ‘true’ Hungarian home will always serve to its guests. The cast iron cauldron, in addition to carp, catfish and many tiny fish, is also filled with onions, garlic and ground red pepper. Everything is cooked over an open fire so that it absorbs the natural wood smoke... Then it is mashed together and finally some extra fish fillets are added – and you can be sure to lick all of your ten fingers. 

Vinarium Festival 2020: Fish Soup Competition

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